HANCA understands the need for Change*.

Whether it is a strategic shift or an operational adjustment, we guide you and your organization each step of the way.

our Method.

Step 1: observe & understand
Step 2: analyze & design
Step 3: communicate & mobilize
Step 4: realize & execute
Step 5: stabilize & anchor

our Team.

Sabie Casuso
Nadine Imeroski-Chevallier
Sandra Scheurer

our Partners.

art-room GmbH

Development of Vision and Mission Statement, Website Relaunch, Contract Analysis and Consolidation, Team Building, Marketing, general Administration

Casa Capello AG

Implementation of Back Office (Inventory, Finances, Administration), Marketing and international Brand Development

Lonza AG

Process Optimization and Project Management in Real Estate & Office Services (Mobility Concept, First Aid Concept, Team Structure, Improvement and Harmonization of Services in various CH-Sites), Customer Excellence, Workplace Changes and internal Office Move

The Needs of Employees.

Engagement I Wellbeing I Motivation

Our areas of Operation:

Conflict Management, Team Spirit and Development, Cooperation and Communication, Leadership Development, Mobbing, Balance

Real Estate.

Mobility I Sustainability I Resources

Our areas of Operation:

Analysis und Optimization of Office Complexes, Facilities, Mobility and Fleet, Sustainability, Gastronomy, Process Optimization, Health, Safety & Security (First Aid Concepts, Testing).

To the Top.

Change I Organization I Communication

Our areas of Operation:

Change in all its Forms, Communication and Stakeholders, Development and Optimization of operational Processes (Front Desks, Mail Rooms, Administration up to C-Level), Team Structures and Workflows.

No Clue.

Definition | Individuality I Specialties

Our areas of Operation:

Find your Needs and analyze Options, unlock your Potential with the necessary Tools, Implement efficient Solutions while saving Costs.

The Customer’s Perspective.

we hear you | Analysis I Optimization

Our areas of Operation:

Analysis of existing structures from a customer or client’s perspective, Development of customized models to elevate the customer service experience. Mystery Checks, improved Storytelling and Storylistening, Visions.

The New Workplace.

Hybrid I Home Office I Co-Working

Our areas of Operation:

Office Space Projects (Planning, Restructuring, Moving), Workplace Management, Hybrid Working, new Forms of Leadership, Trust and visual Effectiveness

Review and Lessons learned.

Reflect I Progress I Transformation

Our areas of Operation:

Error Culture, Communication in Transformation, Use Cases and Implementation, Before and After, Measuring the Progress, Catch a breath and Catch up, Follow-up and Follow through


*Change: make [someone or something] different; alter or modify. Replace [something] with something else, especially something of the same kind that is newer or better; substitute one thing for [another]