HANCA understands the need for Change*.

Whether it is a strategic shift or an operational adjustment, we guide you and your organization each step of the way.

our Expertise.

our Method.

observe & understand
analyze & design
communicate & mobilize
realize & execute
stabilize & anchor

our Team.

Step into our innovative space, where a tapestry of talents weaves the fabric of success!

Within our team, you’ll find individuals seamlessly connecting varied expertise, leveraging opportunities to broaden their horizons.

We cherish open-mindedness and relentless innovation, embracing challenges with adaptability and vigor. Each member, from our creative forces to our steadfast counselors, embodies a harmonious blend of expertise and passion.

We foster a vibrant and fun workplace that encourages teamwork and a spirit of philanthropy.

Join us and become part of a journey where creativity intertwines with expertise, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes and excellence prevails.

New talents are always welcome – contact us at hello@hanca.ch

our Network.

Should our resources not suffice, we can happily activate our extensive network of incredible experts to bring on board.

our Contact.

Are you ready to save costs by having healthy and motivated employees, thanks to optimized well-being and incentives management?

At HANCA, we prioritize well-being as the cornerstone of organizational success. Our holistic and comprehensive approach to employee engagement, health, and motivation leads to a thriving workforce. We don’t just boost productivity; we cultivate a culture of wellness and drive that propels your organization toward excellence.


Let’s design and maintain your company’s properties, workplaces, structures, and processes in continuous harmony with the environment, in a resource-conscious manner.

Real Estate success hinges on maintaining Safety and Security, managing costs effectively, prioritizing maintenance, optimizing the use of time and money and always considering the well-being of stakeholders. A thoughtful and balanced approach that encompasses these principles is the path to thriving in the complex world of Real Estate.

Change in all its forms shall guide your organization towards an economically and ecologically more efficient path.

Cultural transformation is an ongoing process where you build awareness of your organization’s core values, identify situations where you are or are not in alignment with those values, and develop actionable plans to communicate and encourage the adoption of any necessary changes.

Identify your needs, analyze options, unlock your potential with the necessary tools, and implement efficient solutions while saving costs.

At HANCA, we act as your catalyst and bridge builders for successful change. Our team of experts leverages cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies to seamlessly guide your organization through transitions. Achieve smoother transformations, empower employees, and obtain quantifiable results with our tailored end-to-end change management solutions.

Do you want to excel and elevate your organization to achieve its full potential?

At HANCA, we redefine excellence in customer-centric office operations. Our commitment to placing the customer at the heart of everything we do sets us apart. With precision in our operations, we seamlessly integrate innovative solutions to optimize your office environment, thereby enhancing productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Tailor your organization’s way of working to become an attractive employer.

At HANCA, we facilitate ‚New Work‘ solutions by reimagining the classic workplace structure through innovative tools and transformative strategies. Our unique approach empowers your organization to create a transparent, dynamic, adaptable, and future-ready workplace environment. We propel you toward a new era of productivity with our tailored strategies and cutting-edge tools for success. Communication is key!

Elevate your company with a HANCA Sanity Check and achieve customer excellence by empowering your employees.

At HANCA, our ‚Sanity Check‘ approach combines in-depth analysis, unique perspectives, and strategic optimization to ensure your business is on the right track. We provide a critical, unbiased examination of your operations, offering fresh insights and data-driven strategies for optimal performance and sustainable growth.


*Change: make [someone or something] different; alter or modify. Replace [something] with something else, especially something of the same kind that is newer or better; substitute one thing for [another]